Robust Black Bumper Plate



•Thin profile: The Robust regime Challenger Rubber Bumper Plates have a thinner profile, e.g. the 25kg plate of 84mm thickness is reduced up to 55mm which means the number of plates that can be loaded on the bar is increased. This significantly increases the amount of weight that can be loaded on the barbell and helps you in your 1RM lifts.

• Built to Drop: The Robust regime Bumper Rubber Plates are built to absorb dropping force – even from over-head – so you can prioritize your safety while attempting for new personal records. Thus, the great design means you can drop them when necessary without worrying about injuring yourself / damaging your equipment. The plates are well constructed and durable, and they protect your platform, floors, and barbells from damage.

•Lower Bounce: when dropping: Our black bumper plates have a durometer hardness value of 90. It means that the plates bounce less when dropped and thus little force is transferred to the barbell resulting in low impact and damage to the brass insert in the plates. The low bounce also means more predictable barbell behavior when dropped which allows you to work out safely in small spaces.

•Raised side flanges: The raised side flanges are designed to keep the center brass bush insert from coming into direct contact with the ground. The Robust regime bumper plates only come into contact with each other on the outer flanges when loaded on the barbell or on the Robust regime plate stand which helps in reducing wear and tear and helping to protect the plate’s lettering.

•Stainless Steel Insert: The Robust regime Black Bumper Plates now have a hardened stainless steel insert that is CNC-machined to precise bore of 50.4mm in the center. This provides a snug fit onto the barbell sleeves reducing wiggling during your lifts. The insert is hardened using a process called Quenching, which enhances the durability of the insert prolonging the life of your beloved bumpers.



•Robust black bumper plates are built for weightlifting and training and have a distinctive design.

• These plates are made from natural rubber that gains good hardness, is shock absorbent resulting in low bounce, and is built to drop.

• The thinner profile gives you the advantage of stacking more weights on the bar, which makes this product durable or age-resistant.

• These bumper plates are made to IWF standards, a 450mm diameter, and a 50.4mm stainless steel collar opening for smoother loading and unloading of the barbell.

• Getting to grip the raised flange at the edges of the plate enables you to quickly get that sturdy hold on it, even with sweaty palms.

Additional information
Plates Weight

10kg, 150kg Set, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg, 5kg


Natural Rubber, Stainless Steel,

• Warranty :

2 yrs

•Plates Weight


• Insert Opening :

Around 50.4 mm

• Color :


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