Drop Slam Crash Pad


• Remarkably suppress the sound of the barbell falling when a heavier weight is added to it. High-density foam serves as a sound compressor and a shock absorber.

• The 6-inch-thick bonded foam distributes the impact’s stress throughout the drop pad’s surface to absorb as much of it as possible. By preventing damage to our gym or home gym floor

• when we exercise with big weights, silencer drop pads work as a lifesaver.

•The sturdy silencer drop pad was created specifically for a program that focuses on barbell and dumbbell overhead lifting. and the sets, which include shrugs, deadlifts, etc.



• Foam: These pads are made of ultra durable high-density bonded foam, a specific variety. This foam is designed to provide great durability and impact resistance while being comfortable for the user. Despite being 6 inches thick, ensuring that users can safely drop the Weights without excessive discomfort or risk of injury.

• Footprint: Each pad measures 24 inches in width, 36 inches in length, and 6 inches thick. This size is perfect for a single user, with plenty of room for a variety of physical activities such as martial arts training, gymnastics, and similar exercises. The 6-inch thickness provides excellent cushioning and protection against impacts while staying portable and controlled.

• Weight: About 10 kg is the estimated weight of each pad. To guarantee that the pads provide stability when in use without being too difficult to move or handle, this weight has been carefully managed. Users can simply move and position the pads as needed, and it still offers a sturdy base for training or practice. This device finds an excellent mix between mobility and solidity.

• Cover fabric: A sturdy covering of PU ballistic fabric covered in nylon envelops the bonded foam inside the pads. This particular fabric was picked out because of its remarkable strength and resilience to rips, abrasions, and punctures. To further increase the fabric’s endurance and resilience, double stitching is used on all sides. This guarantees that even under demanding training circumstances, the pads will be able to endure repeated use and retain their integrity. This material has an anti-slip texture to prevent the crash pad from slipping while in use.

• Packaging: Because the pads are generally offered in pairs, customers who usually need two pads for their activities might find them convenient. Users will always have a matching pair of pads for well-rounded practice or training sessions thanks to this packing strategy. Additionally, it guarantees that clients receive a full set of equipment for their needs and eases the logistics for shops.

• Zip lock: The pads are closed with strong zip locks. The purpose of these zip locks is to tightly seal the pads and stop any foam or padding from leaking out while being transported or used. The robust design of the zip locks minimizes the possibility of pad damage while guaranteeing dependable operation even with frequent usage, giving consumers piece of mind.

• Handles: X-shaped double-stitched handles are attached to each pad. These handles are arranged in an organized way to make handling and transporting of the pads simple. They give users a firm grip, enabling them to use the pads with ease and control. The handles make it simple for users to move the pads around during a workout or to adjust them without straining or running the danger of injury.

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