Robust Squat Stand P293



construct a squat rack with a ton of features, such portability, flexibility, and lightweight. The squat rack is more stable because of the 3×3-inch pipe that is used at the upright with 11 gauge steel.

The holes and numbers are precisely laser-cut. 

The westside spacing is followed for hole placement,which enables quick and easy adjustment of the attachment according to your height.

The hole distances are 1 inch in the central section of the upright at bench range and 2 inches from the rest of the upright.

The best powder coating process on the market, using seven tank operations, is used for the surface treatment of the squat rack. 

Matt surface is used For an firm grip, on the 32mm diameter pullup bar.

texture coating on the uprights and base of the squat stand. The increase the lifespan  of the metal.

Speaking of the amount of space needed to perform squat stand.

Requiring lesser gym space, the squat stand footprint measures 47X 47 inches.


• Material :– 75 x 75 x 3 mm  3”x3″ 11-gauge (3mm) CR Steel.

• Dimensions:- Length – 47”, Width – 47”, Height – 93”.

Footprint (incl. )- 47” x 47”.

Finish:- Black Powder Coated  (7-Tank).

• Attachments – 16 mm hole

• Weight: – 85 kg.

• Capacity :- 350Kg.

• Warranty:- 5-year Structural Warranty.

Required less Gym Space:- 47 inch X 47 Inch.

• Included Components 2 Nos Uprights  90″ , 2 Base Pipe, 1  Stabilizer, 4 Triangular Plates, 2  STD-J-Cups, 16 M16 x 110mm Bolts, 1 Pull-up Bar of 32mm  & 2 Spanners (24mm).

Easy Assembly: You can put an iron patriot squat rack together in under an hour, sometimes as fast as 45 minutes. One person can do it, but we recommend 2.

• Construction: material used is 3×3 11 gauge pipe for this rack .8mm thick Base plate is nut bolted to the base frame and upright this give robust stability and 350 kg weight holding capacity with The best powder coating process on the market, using seven tank operations.

• J cup : Advance j cup is built with the 8mm thick plate and 5mm locking plates with the capacity to lift 350 kg of weight stacked on the bar. Hdpe is used for the protection of the bar and upright surface while using the j cup attachment.

• Pull up bar : The pull up bar is 32mm in diameter with matt finish structure for the sturdy grip. And attached with the nut and bolting system onto the iron patriot square stand up right.

Additional information

Choice of color, Red & Black


75 mm X 75mm X 3mm


7 tank powder coating


47 X 47 inch


93 inch


Standard J cup ,2 band pegs , Pull-up bar,2 Wrenches for installation


85 KG


50 KG

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