Robust GYM Chalk


(GCP:250)  forms a thin powder layer on the palm having anti-slipping properties, protecting your hand against skin tear

GYM Chalk Reduces the bounce of the bar in the palm of your hands when you sense that you’re losing grip. Bouncing the bar has negative impacts on the lower back, shoulders, or back and puts unnecessary pressure on your joints.

Pure Grade, Magnesium Carbonate in powder form. Gives you a longer stronger and better grip for heavy weight. Absorbs moisture on the palm and works as an antibacterial agent.

• Lift heavier and more repetitions.

•Many weightlifters and power lifters are amazed to see the results of adding the gym chalk small changes in their workout routines.

•Fifty percent of the difficulty with lifting is breaking through those mental barriers and playing mind games with yourself. Using the Robust Gym Chalk (GCP:250) and taking the extra time to prepare and focus on the lift will help you overcome mental barriers


• Material composition: Magnesium Carbonate

• Texture: fine powder.

• Color: white

• Packing: air tight container and corrugated box.

• Dimension: 8.2inch x 6inch x3.5 inch

Additional information
• Size

Gym Chalk GCP 250gm (with container), Gym Chalk GCP 1kg (without container)


Plastic Box ,Corrugated Box


204 L x 140W x 52H

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