Robust Power Cage P493


• Robust power cage P493 is a Compact and versatile Solution for home gym, commercial gym, gym studios and etc.

• P493 power cage rack comes with grate storage capacity and lots of accessories compatibility for strength and conditioning attachment options.

• The rack’s exceptional stability is due to 3×3 inch CR tubing and Westside hole spacing, making it possible for efficient rack use. Within an incredibly small carpet area of 52×52 inches. With self weight of 140 kg

With two variant available for j cup (a) Sandwich j cup (b) Advance j cup

Two variant Available for pull up bar (a) plain pull-up bar (b) Knurled pull-up bar

•The précised Laser Cut Holes gives the advantage of loading the Attachments in Dual Direction.

• The West side spacing has the 1 inch hole Spacing at bench press area where micro adjustment are to be made for the perfect bench pressing. And 2 inch Spacing hole at above and below of the bench press area.

• Robust P493 Power cage set includes

• 4 upright, 4 cross members, 1 name plate , 4 T pin for band pegs,  1 pull-up bar,  pair of  j cup,  two safety pin set.

Material Quality

• The robust P493 is constructed from 3×3 inch 11 gauge CR tubing. Superior mechanical properties: They have higher strength, toughness, and ductility.

• Because of its smooth surface, this pipe offers good powder coat settling properties. The powder coated surface treatment prevents the metal rusting due to oxidation, resulting in an excellent equipment life.

• Up right Laser Holes and Numbering

• The laser cut holes of diameter 16.8mm gives the quick, easy and accurate adjustment of the attachments like j cup, spotter arms, dip bar and etc.

• The upright includes laser numbering for easy attachments location with no mistakes in dual Direction. the positioning of the hole is maintained as per the west side hole spacing.

Compact rack

• The carpet area covered by the rack is 52×52 inches.

Pull UP bar and Attachments

• The 32 mm diameter pull up bar have an option of knurl and plane bar .Pull up bar is positioned at  90 inch height.

• Robust P493 Power rack by default includes pair of   j- cups with option of standard or Sandwich j cup.

• 16 mm Safety pin and 50mm diameter pipe for the safety of the user on sudden Dropping of the weight in case of emergency. And 4 T pins for band pegs

As the Robust P493 rack is 4 posts it serves the user with Good stability and safety.


Hardware is standard for all the attachment and assembly parts of Robust Power Rack P493 matt black surface hardware.


• Tubing: 11 gauge 3×3 Square CR Tubing

• Depth: 43”

• Hole Positioning Pattern : West Side Hole Spacing.

• Surface Treatment: 7 Tank Powder Coating.

• Foot Print: 52” x 52”

• Hardware: M16 matt finish

• Warranty: 10 Year Mechanical Frame Work Damage Warranty.

• Application: Home Gym, Commercial Gym and Fitness Studio.

• J cup: Advance /sandwich

• Pull up bar: 32mm diameter Plane /Knurl Bar.

• Rack max weight capacity: 520 kg

Additional information

CRC Tube , 75mm X 75mm X 3 mm


7 Tank Powder Coating


52 inch X 52 inch


93 Inch


Standard J cup ,Safety pin ,Safety pin pipe , Pull-up bar,2 Wrenches for installation






West side spacing (16 mm diameter )


10 Years


M16 Black Zinc



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