Hex Dumbbells



Being adaptable holds greater significance.

Dumbbells find application across all stages of our gym routine. Squats, pulls, pushes, and hinges are just a few examples of the movements they are used for

Dumbbells offer the ability to mimic nearly all types of exercises, granting them the benefit of single-handed lifting when compared to barbells. Providing the widest range of weight options.

Due to its design, which prevents rolling, the hexagonal shape of the dumbbell also proves efficient when used as a push-up support. The inclusion of a layer of natural rubber serves as a shock absorber, minimizing potential floor and weight damage. Additionally, the dumbbell displays resistance to water and oil

The chrome-plated handle enhances the dumbbell’s resistance to rust, thereby prolonging its lifespan. The dead bounce of a hexagonal dumbbell ensures predictable motion, providing a sense of security. diamond knurling of 1.2 mm depth gives you a firm and tight grip.

The dumbbell’s handle securely holds the two weights through a fabrication process, ensuring that the weights remain in place during your workout and don’t come off. like other cheap hand weights.


• Material composition :Rubber and cast weight
• Rubber :Natural rubber odorless
• Construction shape : Anti rolling shape
• Handle :Curved handle for quick grip in your palm webbing
• Handle length: 130mm
• Handle construction : Profiled shape .
• Surface coating: Hard chrome
• Knurling :1.2 mm diamond knurl.
• Fabrication: Co2 welding for rigid structure
• Dumbbell size: 2.5kg/ 5kg/7.5kg/10kg/12.5kg/ 15kg/17.5kg/ 20kg/ 22.5kg/ 25kg/27.5kg/ 30kg/32.5kg/ 35kg/  Full set 405 kg

Additional information
• Weight tolerance:

Upto 1% weight tolerance

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