ROBUST 9 Bar Holder



• Store your barbells in a 1.5 ft x1.5 ft footprint area.

• Get those bars off the floor and stack them in a robust 9-bar holder

• A sturdy vertical nine-bar holder is a brilliant way to utilize every square inch of your gym. Our objective is to protect the sleeves from significant damage and scratches in addition to providing storage for all barbells

• The stability of the robust nine-bar holder serves as the key feature; even after loading bars to the very edge, it holds the barbells upright.
It serves all kinds of barbells, from regular Olympic barbells to specialty barbells.

• The machined round edge 52mm diameter opening of orw (ohmic resistance welding) pipe not only safely loads and unloads the barbell without a scratch but also gives sufficient tolerance to hold the bar vertically

• ORW (ohmic resistance welding) pipes are distinguished by their smoother inner finish, which eliminates burr and spatter and makes them ideal for sleeve protection.

• The machine ORW pipe is securely bonded by weld between two 5 mm thick laser-cut sheets, with the top sheet serving as a guide for vertically holding barbells and the bottom sheet serving as a weight-bearing barrier.

• Robust workouts as a space saver for all gyms and help to keep the bars in an organized manner.


• Material :- 4.0mm thick Laser-cut Steel / ERW  Machined Pipe

Dimensions:- 460mm x 200mm x 460mm

Finish:- Black Powder Coated  (7-Tank)

Storage Capacity:- 9 Bar

Sleeve Holder Inner Diameter:- 52 mm

• Weight: –23.5 kg

Note:- Compatible with Standard Olympic Barbells as well as specialty barbells.

Additional information
• Packing:

Packed in corrugated box. Single NOS .

• Warranty:

5 yr for any structural Damage

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